Zhitomir is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. It dates back to very old times when the first tribes settled on the rocky banks of the picturesque river Teterev. It was founded in 884.

There are many interesting legends about the foundation of the city, but all of them are real-like. One of them says that the city was founded by the count Zhitomir who was at the head of the tribe living on the banks of the river. Another story goes that Zhitomir got its name from two words - "Zhito", that means rye, and "Mir" that means peace. The population was growing crops, wheat, rye and was living in peace with the other tribes. And what is really remarkable, the people of Zhitomir are very friendly and peaceful. You can see it even now - people walk smiling to you, even if they do not know you! And do not be afraid to ask for help - if the language is not understood, you'll get the assistance and help you want.foundation_stone_800

The place from where the city started is marked with the huge stone. This is almost in the centre of the alley where you can have a nice rest or wander in the shadow of trees in a hot sunny day. Not far from that place you can also visit the Catholic Cathedral that was built a long time ago and is the historical monument of the city. see more photos>>





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