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7417_573_01Sevastopol! Its heart is beating full of warmth and youth. Thrice born, uniquely beautiful, to its last stone, it is the bright chronicle of feats, and Sevastopol monuments are the imperishable lines of it. They are kept by the Black sea waves, rocks of the coast, streets and squares, which can't be imagined without slim, neat seamen, the worthy heirs of glory of their fathers and grandfathers, and without numerous monuments. There are more than one thousand and four hundred of monuments, 985 of them are the monuments of history, placed by grateful descendants at the places of bloody battles and soldiers burial places at times of the Crimean (Eastern) War and the Great Patriotic War. Sevastopol monuments and obelisks are the chronicles of the city, which celebrated its 200th anniversary in 1983. But there have been so many significant events for these years, so many deeds done, so many famous names, that we come up to the point - the city is proving its given name with honor!

The white colonnade of the Grafskaya Wharf has been decorating the city since 1846. Starting from Nakhimov Square, situated in the center of Sevastopol, its granite steps go down to the sea. The image of the Grafskaya Wharf has become a specific emblem of the hero-city: the whole history of Sevastopol from foundation to the present days relates to this architecture monument. Four wide solemn flights of stairs go from the sea surface up to the white colonnade. The stairs are surrounded by the retaining walls from both sides. Two rows of refined Doric columns (6 in each row) support the strict classical frieze with the small parapet cornice above. The higher parapet (attic) decorates it and shows the date of the building - 1846. There are two antic statures made by Italian sculptor Fernando Pellichio, situated in the bays of the colonnade. Two lying lions, made by the same master, complete the set of the stairs at the way down to the sea. As it was planned by the admiral Lazarev, the wharf became the front berth of Sevastopol. Today the Grafskaya Wharf, one of the oldest monuments of the city and its decoration, still shares all worries and joys of Sevastopol.nahimov_338

One of the most beautiful squares of the city, the , starts from the Grafskaya Wharf. It has the monument of the admiral in the center. The authors of the monument are the sculptor, laureate of Lenin and State Premium, national artist of the USSR, hero of Socialistic Labor, academician Tomskiy N.V. and the architect Chesakov M.Z. The Nakhimov Square, Nakhimov street, and Nakhimov district prove deep respect to the memory of the hero of the Sinopskaya battle and the first heroic defense of the city, the talented naval commander, the true patriot of Russia.

Primorskiy Boulevard and its monuments are situated in the beginning of Nakhimov Street, across the Seaman's Boulevard. This is one of the most favorite places of Sevastopol people for having rest. It's not only the wonderful view to the raid and the famous Sevastopol Bay, but also the cozy nooks of rest and pictorial alleys, which attract visitors. Primorskiy Boulevard is the complex of monuments and memorial place, which shows the events happened in Sevastopol since the day of its foundation.

In several meters from the wharf of the Primorskiy Boulevard, at the 3 meters cliff, built from roughly processed granite blocks, the shaped Corinthian column - the monument of the Sunk Ships - is raising. The bronze eagle with spread wings crowns it. With bent head, it has a laurel wreath in its beak. The inscription at the pedestal says: "In memory of the ships sunk in 1854-1855, to block the entrance into the roadstead". The monument was build to the honor of the ships, which were sunk in the Crimean War to defend Sevastopol from enemy attacks from the sea. The total height of the monument is 16,66 m. The anchors from the sunk ships are attached to the wall of the wharf of the Primorskiy Boulevard, across the monument. Today this romantic monument, one of the favorites of Sevastopol people, is shown at the Sevastopol flag.

The modern Sevastopol looks proudly in the mirror of its bays, it is one of the biggest industrial, cultural and scientific centers of the south of Ukraine, one of the most beautiful cities. It became bigger and better after the war. In the fifties of XX century, at times of the high working enthusiasm in the USSR, the circle of central streets and squares was built up. Then the outlying districts were changed to better. The new many-storied housing estates were built; each of these districts has almost the size of the prewar Sevastopol. The avenues of Octyabrskoy Revolyutsii, Pobedy (Victory), general Ostryakov, the streets of Dmitriy Uliyanov and Khustaleva, they are wide and beautiful, open towards the sun and the sea.

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